FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


We are a design company who also have the handy ability to print. We've been doing this kind of thing for so long that we are pretty much able to supply you with anything printed that you require, and if we can't then we probably know someone who can.

Do you just design and print?

No! we can do this stuff too:

  1. We can deliver/distribute your flyers
  2. We can offer you helpful advice on marketing and promotion
  3. We can save you time and money by listening and thinking
  4. We can help you with things like facebook and websites too

Can I visit your office?

No! But we can visit you at a time that is conveinient which won't interupt your working day. Many of our clients have small developing businesses and find it difficult to take time out of their regular working hours to spend time on discussing design and print - that's fine by us, we're busy too.

How and when do I pay for your service?

Every job is different and requires a tailored approach in order to reach the best results for the clients needs. Generally speaking there is usually a moment after consultation and design development where we supply you with an invoice prior to commencing any 'print' work - that is where we require payment - prior to us actually committing any machine time to fulfill your order. At present we take either cash or bank transfer.