• Lindz Mason

My name is LiNDZ

After a many, many years of offering a personalized service of art, design, printing and much more to a ridiculous amount of clients under numerous different business names the penny has finally dropped. Almost every one of my clients have become so through kind recommendation by an existing client/friend - I honestly can't remember ever meeting a new client who doesn't already know my name - either that or they know of me as that artist/designer bloke with a funny name. So finally, after pondering my own brand since art college, I've taken heed of the 36 years of primary market research and decided to go with the name given to me by my designers. Thanks Mum & Dad, you were right about everything (apart from wearing jeans too tight) XX

Having said all that I'll probably re-brand again in about 3 years under the name SQUID FINGERS INC. or something equally ridiculous to give Helen yet another reason to roll her eyes at me :)


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